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Adds new functionality to 3 Axis Machining Centers

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The program has it's quirks but generally speaking it is very logical and predictable. It's an excellent program for getting started and making parts. Thank you Mr. Kontogiannis.

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Kit Ryan
I've been using earlier versions of GSimple for years. Perfect for the simple faceplates and rear panels I need to cut for electronic equipment. It has a few quirks that mean you need to edit the g-code file before using, but the program does all the hard work of calculating where the holes and routing need to go. (I will be contacting the author about a few things that need attention.). You can export a .dxf file to a CAD program to print the image actual size. The new v2.0 format makes it easier to get around the menus, too. Best of all, you can't beat the price and simplicity.

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Richard Lawrie, yes. Quite a bit actually. I wish I had access to the software code because I’d love to fix a few bugs that drive me crazy. Still it’s better than other options for now.

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